The beautiful stop near the Sunrise Hotel Ninh Thuan

Coincidental painting: 600m from Sunrise Ninh Thuan hotel. Being the first temple in Ninh Thuan that is well-known to tourists inside and outside the province, Trung Son Co Tu is gradually becoming an important indispensable element in the scenic journeys.

With the beauty and splendor of a unique architectural work, Trung Son Co Tu is like a symbol of spiritual belief in modern times. Especially, with the position of reigning on the top of Da Chong mountain, which is about 60 meters above sea level, Trung Son pagoda becomes even more attractive when it accidentally becomes an overhead observatory of Ninh Hai district.

Dam Nai fish market About 1 km away from Sunrise Ninh Thuan hotel, Nai market of fishing people on Ninh Chu bridge is bustling with sellers and buyers every day, becoming a quite attractive destination for tourists all over the country. place. You can choose your favorite seafood thanks to the restaurant where you are staying.

Ninh Chu is a beach in Binh Son hamlet, Khanh Hai town, Ninh Thuan province, 5 km from Phan Rang city. Ninh Chu Beach is 10 km long and has a soft crescent shape. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. About 200m from Sunrise Ninh Thuan hotel.

Poklong Cham Tower was built of Cham bricks on Trau Hill. The tower is distinguished by its architecture, typical brick color and unique sculpture. To avoid the sun, you should explore the tower before 8am and after 16h daily. 9.4 km from Sunrise Ninh Thuan hotel.
Bau Truc is the oldest pottery village in Southeast Asia. After many years of establishment and development, up to now, the pottery village still retains the rules of vocational transmission for women, not for men. That’s why most of the potters here are women. Ninh Thuan Sunrise Hotel about 18km.

An Hoa sheep field It is about 14 km from Ninh Thuan Sunrise Hotel. The number of sheep here is thousands. When you come here, visitors can watch the flock of sheep, admire the majestic nature, pose with sheep, dine with the farmers and explore breeding techniques and sheep shearing.

Ba Moi Vineyard planted 7 types of grapes. In which, 4 types are fresh fruit grapes, 3 types are wine grapes. When coming here, you will visit the vineyard, picking and enjoying grapes for free. The hotel is about 9km from Sunrise Ninh Thuan hotel.