Payment Service At Sunrise Hotel

Yacht of  Sunrise hotel

Sunrise hotel aslo have serves to rent yacht to discover  Dam Nai beach, a beach from Khanh Hai district to Khanh Hoi village. Tourists stay in hotel can rent yacht with price from 150 – 300 USD/hour .

Beauty room

Speciality, Sunrise Hotel also have a beauty room for tourists  want to make up to attend gala dinner and some party in vacation. Definitely, you will have a good appearance by professional staff.

Karaoke room

Sunrise Hotel has designed a karaoke room to best serve our customers. Karaoke rooms can accommodate about 10 people. It is equipped with the most modern audio equipment. Therefore, you can freely express your passion for singing.

The rooftop coffee

The rooftop coffee on the 9th of Sunrise Hotel. Come here, you can watch the beautiful night sea.

View room of  Sunrise hotel

If you looking for a good place for your trip in Ninh Thuan. Please ‘ don’t worry ‘ let come to Sunrise hotel. There are five kind of  room in Sunrise  hotel such as:

  • Duluxe double : Room has bancony see beach view with open space design, has one double room
  • Superior 1 : Room has open space design with beach and city view
  • Superior 2 : Room has bancony to tourists can see the beach and city view
  • Superior 3 : Room have two 1,2 m bed with outdooor bancony.
  • Tripple bedroom : Room have two 1,6m and 1,2m bed is suitable for family.