Welcome to the sunset and sunrise at Sunrise Ninh Thuan Hotel

That Dawn was a beautiful moment that I collected from my childhood. Every morning when I wake up to the sea, I am fascinated by the beauty of the natural beauty, which cannot be fully described. You can imagine that the sun is like a giant egg yolk from below the rising sea, slowly rising and glimmering faint sunlight. When you get out of the water, you can’t see it anymore because it is covered with strong rays that the naked eye can hardly stand. How many times have I had this peaceful moment. When the sun rises, a new day begins. People are busy with work and so are the sun.

When Dawn is considered as a source of life, Sunset is a wordless music that helps people relax after a long hard working day.

Coming to Sunrise Ninh Thuan hotel, you will catch both of the best moments of the day because the hotel has views of the sea and the mountains, the 9-storey high hotel – the highest in Ninh Thuan so the vision is spacious, to With Sunrise, you can freely enjoy the beautiful scenery at your accommodation without having to go far.